What to do when there is nothing left to do


By Mariah Fagan

Mariah Fagan and Morgan Rosamond pose for a self-timer photo while enjoying their midnight snack of donuts from Dandy’s.

Karley Freeman, Staff Writer

Due to the precautions taken during the pandemic, there is clearly not as much to do around campus as there was before. Student Life has planned many fun and engaging virtual activities for students to participate in, but unfortunately it is just not the same.

If you and your roommate have nothing left to do, try having a mini photoshoot for your Instagram. There are plenty of colorful murals in downtown Durant that will bring life back to any outdated social media feed. Mariah Fagan, junior at SE, confessed, “My roommate and I get bored of binge watching Netflix, so we sometimes get dressed up to go take pictures downtown and then eat at a nice restaurant.” This is a great way to spend time exploring your college town while also staying socially distant.

If bowling and arcade games are more your style, then The District at the Choctaw Casino may be the place for you. Winston Murphy, senior at SE, said, “My friends and I would go to the District all the time freshman year because every Sunday they do $2 games and it’s just a good time when you go with your friends.” Who said having fun has to be expensive?

For those who get the late night munchies, Dandy Donuts is a popular spot among college students. Located at 111 N. Eighth Ave., they are open from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. and only take cash. Fagan reflected on her trips to Dandy’s, chuckled and said, “I could walk into Dandy’s with $2 and walk out with three donuts. It’s the best!”

Durant may be a small town, but it does have its own unique fun when you know where to look.

Though you may be bored out of your mind, remember that we are still in a pandemic. Keep your circles small, be cautious of those around you and stay safe.

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