FINALLY HAPPENING: France study abroad trip

Haley Hostetler, Contributor

Two years ago, a study abroad trip to France was postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. After facing uncertainty and numerous attempts to reschedule, the travelers will finally depart for France on March 10.

Dr. Cotter-Lynch, professor of English and Honors Program Director at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, is the group leader for the trip. Although COVID-19 has changed many aspects of traveling, especially to foreign countries, she has high hopes and confidence in the safety of her fellow travelers. The group is made up of 19 members consisting of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Studying abroad has many benefits according to Dr. Cotter-Lynch. It “gives students a context to understand how big the world is and how it helps you see your own life differently through experiencing different cultures,” she said. “It is really cool to be in a place where the history is all around you…to actually be standing in a building where someone was standing over 500 years ago.”

Several students signed up for the trip are attending specifically to study French history. These students have research projects and will visit selected locations to write about when they return.

Josie Frazier, a junior at Southeastern, is one of the students traveling with the group. “It’s been a dream of mine to go to France since I was seven,” Josie said. “Until I was about sixteen, I had the Eiffel Tower painted on my bedroom door. So, it has always been a dream and it was honestly devastating when it got canceled a couple of years ago. So, now it just doubles the excitement that it is finally happening.”

In addition to France’s travel precautions and COVID-19 safety measures, EF College Study Tours, who will host the trip, has a global travel protection insurance plan that covers each traveler in case of sickness, injury or emergency evacuations.

Any Southeastern student, faculty, staff member or alumni are welcome to attend study abroad trips. To learn more about future trips, check your university email for updates or contact Dr. Cotter-Lynch at [email protected].