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2017-2018 Staff

Anna Rose Kelly

Staff Writer

Name: Anna Rose Kelly   Favorite Food: Veggie burgers   Favorite Book/Magazine: Wings by Aprilynne Pike   Dream Job: Opera theater   Favorite Sports: Endurance napping   Currently...

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Ryan Perdue

Staff Writer

Name: Ryan Perdue   Favorite Book/Magazine: Satch and Me   Dream Job: NFL player   Favorite Sports: Football, basketball, and baseball   Currently Watching: Law and Order SUV   Music...

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Lawrence Carter

Staff Writer

Name: Lawrence Carter   Favorite Food: Chips and salsa   Favorite Book/Magazine: Interview with a Vampire   Dream Job: Controversial artist and published fiction author   Favorite Sports:...

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Johanna Cornejo

Staff Writer

Name: Johanna Cornejo   Favorite Food: Chinese   Favorite Book/Magazine: I am Legend   Dream Job: Music Journalist   Favorite Sports: Basketball   Currently Watching: Breaking...

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Rylee Byrd

Staff Writer

Name: Rylee Byrd   Favorite Food: All of it   Favorite Book/Magazine: The Bell Jar   Dream Job: Psychiatrist   Currently Watching: Adventure Time   Music of Choice: Alternative   This...

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Colton Tollett

Staff Writer

Name: Colton Tollett   Favorite Food: Asian food   Favorite Book/Magazine: Infinite Jest   Dream Job: Film Producer   Favorite Sports: Boxing   Currently Watching: Adventure...

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Megan McFarland

Staff Writer

Name: Megan McFarland   Favorite Food: Spaghetti, sour candies, Hibachi and Kit-Kats   Favorite Book/Magazine: There are too many to pick from!   Dream Job: Magazine Editor or book editor.   Favorite...

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Shalene White

Staff Writer

Name: Shalene White   Favorite Food: Mexican   Favorite Book/Magazine: Intensity by Dean Koonts   Dream Job: Country Singer   Favorite Sports: Wrestling   Currently Watching:...

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Nate Hodson

Contributing Writer

Name: Nate Hodson   Favorite Food: Bacon   Favorite Book/Magazine: Bible   Dream Job: Front office of a sports organization   Favorite Sports: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball   Music...

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Brad Erwin

Staff Writer

Name: Brad Erwin   Favorite Food: Venison   Favorite Book/Magazine: Psychopath Test   Dream Job: Pro Angler   Favorite Sports: Football   Currently Watching: Preseason   Music...

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Jerai Billy

Staff Writer

Name: Jerai Billy   Favorite Food: Cereal   Favorite Book/Magazine: Blue Plate Special   Dream Job: Public Relations Specialist   Favorite Sports: Soccer, stickball   Currently...

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Wyatt Hubbard

Staff Writer

Name: Wyatt Hubbard   Favorite Food: Steak   Dream Job: MLB Sportscaster   Favorite Sports: Baseball   Music of Choice: Pop, rock, country   This year Wyatt looks forward...

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KateLeigh Wright

Staff Writer

Name: KateLeigh Wright   Favorite Food: Homemade chicken pizza and homemade sugar cookies   Favorite Book/Magazine: There You’ll Find Me and The Guardian   Dream Job: Criminal Justice Prosecutor...

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Kourtney Kaufman

Managing Editor

Name: Kourtney Kaufman Favorite Food: Cinnamon Rolls Favorite Book/Magazine: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston Dream Job: College Professor Favorite Sports: Basketball or Hockey Currently Watching:...

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