Green Eggs deadline Feb. 22

Green Eggs and Hamlet, Southeastern’s annual literature and art publication for students and alumni, is currently accepting pieces for consideration. The deadline for submissions for this year’s issue will be Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Green Eggs and Hamlet accepts submissions from students of any major. The submissions are rated by the publication’s staff in order to decide which will make it into the final product, which is then designed by the editors.

2011 saw the publication’s 20th anniversary. The special edition featured 27 works of poetry and prose and 26 pieces of art done in various mediums, by both students and alumni.

Brandi Bunch and Dani Norton served as co-editors.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work on Green Eggs and Hamlet,” said Bunch. “It is an excellent way for students to display their literary and artistic skills outside the classroom, as well as serving as an opportunity for alumni to keep in touch with the university.”

Dr. Randy Prus, chair of the Department of English, Humanities and Languages and faculty adviser for Green Eggs and Hamlet, said “I think last year’s 20th anniversary issue was beautifully done, and I’m anticipating more good work this year.

“Green Eggs and Hamlet has become an important venue for literature and art on the campus.”

Submission forms are available in the main office of the Department of English, Humanities and Languages on the third floor of the Morrison Building. For more information or to ask about alternative submission methods, contact Prus at [email protected]


The cover for the 20th anniversary edition of Green Eggs and Hamlet was a modification of the cover image for the first issue. The original image was designed by Jim Halley in 1992 and titled “No Bacon Allowed.” The modifications for the 2011 issue were made by Brandi Bunch, one of the magazine’s co-editors.