Make your vote count


By Element5 Digital from Pexels

Educate yourself and make your vote count. Let your voices be heard in the polls tomorrow.

Kylie Carrell, Staff Writer

At this point, you have most likely seen the yard signs and flags, heard snippets of the debates and read the opinions of others on social media, but have you done your part when it comes to the 2020 elections? Educate yourself on exactly what will be on your ballot—then go out and vote.

Election Day is tomorrow. As a responsible voter, it is your job to educate yourself on the people and issues that will be present on your ballot. We know Donald Trump and Joe Biden have places on the ticket, but there are many other candidates to be aware of as well. There are also state questions, district elections and even a few local elections on the ballot.

State Question 805 pertains to criminal history and sentencing modification. This may be of importance to you in many different aspects, as it seeks to “amend the Oklahoma Constitution to end the use of sentence enhancements for people convicted of nonviolent crimes.”

State Question 814 concerns tobacco. This question seeks to “amend the Oklahoma Constitution to change the way Oklahoma’s tobacco settlement money is distributed.”

More information on these questions can be found at

It is important to educate yourself so that you understand what the future of our nation, state and even your local area will look like. However, it is even more important that after you educate yourself, you go to the polls and use your voice.

Early voting began Oct. 29 and nationwide Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. For more information on where, when and how you can vote, visit

Make your vote count, let your voice be heard.