Chelsea Handler and her alter-ego are pure hilarity

Cover of Chelsea Handler's New Book, "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang"
Handler’s latest book, seen here, is available now.

Story By: Cody Neese

Contributing writer

In today’s world, it can sometimes be challenging to find something to smile about. Whether it’s hunger in the third world countries or flooding right here in Durant, there is always a reason to let yourself get down.

There is at least one person in this world, however, who still knows how to laugh in the face of despair.

Her name is Chelsea Handler.  The name of her show, which is aired on the E! Network, is “Chelsea Lately.”

Whether Handler is joking about the latest celebrity gossip or making fun of down-and-out politicians, she seems to have the ability to make a joke out of any situation.

Handler always has a witty saying or two to go along with whatever she’s talking about. She can put a smile on the viewer’s face, whether they expect it or not.

As a former stand-up comedian, Handler understands the value of audience interaction, which is why her show is filmed live.

Anyone watching the show for the first time might expect just another talk show about celebrities and how they live their lives, but she offers a lot more.

After watching her, one can be sure that the blonde Jewish girl from Jersey is always in her element, whether on or off camera.

Handler, a world renowned comedian, hosted the VMA’s on Sept. 10. She is also a best-selling author.

Handler’s books highlight her hilarious childhood and the flaws of her family, keep the reader guessing what she will say next. This is also true of her show.

On “Chelsea Lately,” the good times are always rolling as she, and her panel of three guest comedians, weigh in on day-to-day situations.  She also always features an actor or singer, zoo experts or even bartenders.

What is most enjoyable about Handler is that she is real and not afraid to say whatever crazy thing is on her mind. This show is well worth the watch and will keep the viewer laughing from start to finish.

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