Young Democrats looking to grow membership


Austin Berryhill

Left to right: Daniel Citty(senior history major), James Sutton (senior history and political science major), Nynnett Gonzalez (junior history major), and Nathan Bass (senior CIS major).

Derek Dophied, Staff Writer

The current chapter of the Young Democrats of Southeastern Oklahoma State University was founded in August of 2017 by organization president and history major Nynnett Gonzalez.

Last semester they teamed up with animal alliance and Mix 96.1 to collect donations for animals at Durant City Pound and plan to do the same this semester. Donations included beds and blankets to help animals in need get through the chilling Oklahoma weather as well as toys and food.

The Durant City Pound relies on donations to assist it in caring for the animals in its care and donations dwindle in the winter, especially around Christmas time.

The amount of donations received by the organization last semester exceeded what was anticipated and the Young Democrats hope for similar results this semester. The Young Democrats were able to accomplish such staggering success by placing donation boxes across the campus and local businesses.

“It’s a great organization,” says Gonzalez, “The Young Democrats bring people together and also works to help strengthen both the SE and local community.”

The Young Democrats do not only accept democratic students, however. The organization is welcome to any student that wishes to engage in community projects, help build their character and learn something new about politics. The organization is structured to give their members a sense of purpose and belonging. It works closely with the Young Republicans of SE, as well as local businesses.

The Young Democrats currently have five members and our looking to increase that number. Flyers are available around the campus in various classrooms. Anybody interested in joining YD may also reach Gonzalez at (903) 624-1852 for more information.

This organization is great for freshman and seniors alike as it allows you to connect with your fellow peers while simultaneously providing you with a sense of pride and purpose within your community. Gonzalez urges all that are interested to reach out to her.