Classroom etiquette: A lost art?

Story By: Cody Neese

Contributing Writer

There is nothing more annoying than someone talking under their breath. Whether one shares this opinion or not, one thing is for certain: Talking in class is a huge problem.

As college students, we have a certain standard to uphold. Whether it’s showing up to class just in time to make it before our professor closes the door or being an extra thirty minutes early, all college students understand the importance of simply showing up to class.

Some students, however, refuse to accept the fact that other students actually want to be there.

Talking in class is becoming an increasingly big problem at SOSU. As the number of students continues to rise, so does the lack of respect and attention that is paid to the teacher.

It is not only extremely distracting for the teacher and other students, but it also shows how simply careless some students are.

For those of us who are paying for classes out of pocket, or even for those who get financial aid, everyone wants to get their money’s worth.

I find it impossible to concentrate on my schoolwork and class lectures when someone is behind me chatting so loudly that everyone in the class can hear them.

And the sad thing is that these students do not even care how annoying it is that everyone around them has to hear about their weekend or how hung-over they are. Isn’t the point of college to further our education?

If your answer to this question is yes, thank you. If your answer is no, then I simply say: Leave.

Save some precious time and money and get out now.  There is no point in wasting four years of your life and thousands of dollars when you do not even want to be at college.

The thing I love about Southeastern is how laid back everyone really is. And this will continue to be one of the best things about a smaller university, until the relaxation becomes such a problem that no one wants to go to class.

I hope that teachers begin to realize how much it will positively influence students and class time if we begin to deal with this problem.