Drifting away from friends

A necessary part of life


By Ivan Samkov - www.pexels.com

It can be hard to let go. Be at peace with your past friendships, but do not be scared to embrace the opportunity to make more.

Addison Martin, Staff Writer

Change is inevitable. For many students, the transformative stage of graduating high school and going to college is a huge step that can seem difficult to overcome. This is a part of life when you begin to become more independent and self-aware. You probably will not see your parents as much when you move away, but what about your friends?

It is completely normal for there to be distance between you and your best friend once you start college. You have different schedules, make new friends and become busy with creating a life.

There may be times when you realize you have not seen or talked to your friend in a while. It might feel like you are losing your connection. This is normal, and there are a few things to consider.

First, remember that if the friendship is meant to be, it will be. This person mattered a lot to you at one point in your life, and likely still does. If things feel forced, try to acknowledge that friendship for what it was. You made memories together that no one can take away from you; cherish them. Hold those sorts of thoughts close to you.

For me personally, I had a friend in high school who I considered my best friend. We had tons of sleepovers, went to each other’s birthday parties and hung out often. However, once we graduated and went our separate ways for college, we lost touch.

Sometimes I blame myself for this and think of how she helped me through high school. If it were not for her, those years would have been much harder. Now she is living her own life, and I am living mine. I am happy for her, and she is happy for me. I think that is the best we can do for one another considering the physical distance between us.

You may feel that you will never have a friendship as special as theirs again, and this might be true. Every friendship is unique, and you should appreciate the people around you.

Letting go of past friendships and embracing your current friends you have now is crucial to your well-being. Breaking away may feel painful at first, but it will benefit you in the end. This separation is a step to prepare you for the future. You have a long road ahead to look forward to, which means there are also new opportunities coming your way.

Life is meant to teach us many valuable lessons, including how sustaining our own happiness is up to us and no one else. Drifting away from old friendships can be sad, but sometimes necessary. As you grow older, you will find new friendships along the way, including some that will last to the very end.