The Pretty Reckless pulls off some true rock ‘n’ roll

Cover for "The Pretty Reckless" AlbumStory By: Ashlyn Creasman

Contributing writer

The Pretty Reckless is a grungy rock band from New York City, fronted by Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen. The band released their debut album “Light Me Up” via Interscope Records on Aug. 31.

Momsen, who has recently criticized the music industry and some of its top artists for claiming their music is rock, has really stirred up some controversy.

Momsen is determined to make a true rock ‘n’ roll album, citing Led Zeppelin and Kurt Cobain as some of her musical influences, and has made it clear that we won’t be hearing “pop” music on this album. The Pretty Reckless has stayed true to their word and has delivered a terrific rock ‘n’ roll album.

“Light Me Up” is a pretty edgy record. Momsen co-wrote the entire album, which is just as strong lyrically as it is musically. Instead of creating the typical “I love you” or “I hate you” record, “Light Me Up” is full of other issues.

The album is about life and covers issues such as death, sex, drugs, relationships and religion. The writing is full of provocative metaphors and has a confident story-telling quality.

Momsen spills her feelings into her songs. Along with honest lyrics, Momsen really shows off her incredible raw vocals. Momsen’s voice is raspy and rough but also with a maturity one would not expect from a seventeen year old.

Overall I think “Light Me Up” is a great record, and I love every song on it.

For a debut album, The Pretty Reckless has delivered a solid record that will help them make a name in the industry.

The album is full of catchy rock songs that will be sure to have you singing along, even if you don’t want to. The overall sound can be compared to Courtney Love from Hole with  music that has an early nineties rock ‘n’ roll feel to it.

No matter what genre of music someone might prefer, “Light Me Up” is definitely an album worth listening to.

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