Fashions of fall 2010 are sure to turn heads

Chrissy Dill

Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to put away those gladiator sandals and aviator shades because fall is just around the corner.   The 2010 fall fashion season has inspirations ranging from a futuristic vibe to the sophisticated ’60s and ’70s. There are a variety of opportunities to be stylish this season that will appeal to a range of personalities.   The fashion trends for this fall are inspired by the classics, going back to the silhouettes of the ’60s. Knee-length skirts and feminine dresses are making a huge comeback.   Grab a ’60s inspired dress to accomplish a ladylike look while still showing off your hourglass shape and curvy figure.   If dresses aren’t your forte, pair a knee-length skirt with a fitted top. For the more daring, go for the classic waist-high, thigh-hugging pencil skirt.   If wide-legged jeans by day and metallic by night sounds appealing, go for a ’70s inspired look. This trend is all about high waists and soft blouses.   Don’t forget to have fun with ’70s accessories such as big leather belts paired with a mini skirt or maxi dress and lots of rings with bold stones, long pendant necklaces and bangles.   Military jackets are back again. A great coat or military jacket is the key staple to an outfit this fall. Accessorize your look with a pair of aviator boots with lots of laces.   While the military side of this trend mainly consists of the color army green, with navy in a close second, the aviator inspiration contains darker shades and dark brown leather jackets. The size of a coat’s collar is emphasized for this military trend.   This fall season a little leather jacket is a must-have. A leather jacket can go with just about any outfit you’re wearing during cool weather.   While black is the safe color for your leather jacket, earthy tones are great as well.   Jackets will not be the only item seen in leather this season. Leather leggings were prominent in the autumn/winter runways this year.   While leather accessories like handbags and belts are obviously not going anywhere, you will also be able to find almost any item of clothing in leather for this season.   Looking at the futuristic side of fashion this season, cut-out clothing will be popular.   The cutaway trend was popular in 2009 and now it’s back. Intricate missing elements of fabric reveal glimpses of the feminine figure in this bold look that gives out a slightly sexy vibe.   Also making a sexy appearance this fall is sheer fabric and lingerie as outerwear.  And let’s not forget fashion for your feet this fall. Say hello to clogs and fur boots for this season.   Also popular are knee-high socks and thigh-high boots. Wear kitten heels to bring back the ’50s and ’60s look.   The focus of fall fashion for this 2010 season is a mixture of futuristic inspiration and classic aviation and military, from the ’60s and ’70s to modern cutaway clothing.    Don’t be afraid to be bold with sheer fabric and tall boots. Feel young again by layering on the rings and bracelets. Have fun with accessories this fall by using them in excess.

Let your style show off your fabulous personality and be bold!

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