The College Life Untold: Homecoming bonfire brings heat to students

By Alisha Loyd

Yearbook Editor

To start off the weekend of Homecoming events, SE held its annual bonfire. This event has to be one the most loved events of Homecoming.

The fire is always incredibly fun to watch. I guess I like the shapes the fire makes while being fed oxygen from the air.

To start off a good bonfire, you need someone with special permission and a whole lot of fire starter. The Southeastern bonfire was lit by a Durant police officer (top left).

This year’s bonfire was record setting. It was said to be one of the hottest bonfires that the Southeastern community had ever experienced (top right).  It was so hot people who were sitting on the first five rows had to move because the temperature was over 200 degrees.

There were all sorts of entrainment that braved the heat to perform on the stage right beside the fire. Some of the groups that performed were the SE Cheerleaders, SE Band and Sparks dance team (below).

The entrainment was the closest to the fire so you know that they were hot. It got so hot on the stage that the sound crew had to move the mic stands and cords away to keep them from being melted.

The winner of Big Man on Campus was also announced that night, with Ronnie Willrich claiming the title (bottom left).

All Photos by Alisha Loyd