The College Life Untold: New SE king and queen crowned

Story By : Alisha Loyd

Yearbook Editor

Homecoming day started with the Homecoming parade. This year’s theme for Homecoming was “Get a Clue.” It was easy for student organizations to come up with ideas to go with the theme.

President Minks and his family also rode in the parade. It is great to see our president supporting our student body in events like Homecoming.

This year’s float contest was hard to beat. There were some outstanding floats this year.

The one float that stole the judges heart was the Mario Kart theme. It was also my favorite. This float was a three piece masterpiece, made up of a castle, the go karts and the gaming system. It was also so detailed that the bananas had faces on them.

The masterminds behind this product  were the members of Simga Simga Simga and Lambda Chi Alpha. The members of these groups walked proudly beside their creation.

After the parade had finished, students had the option to join the alumni for the pre-game fun.

Then it was time to know who would be this year’s king and queen. Last year’s Homecoming king and queen came to pass on their crowns.

Homecoming queen of 2010 is Phylicia Vandawalker, an SE senior and the head cheerleader.

The Homecoming king of 2010 is Ryan McMillan, also an SE senior and a member of the Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

All Photos by Alisha Loyd