Walk in the shoes of an SE student from another student’s perspective

Photos courtesy of Kacy Hammock


Senior finance major Breeanna Robberson- “I have learned many things to aid me in my future career as a financial manager like investing tips and how to manage portfolios for a company. However, I believe the most beneficial thing I’ve learned is how to apply these strategies to my personal life.”


Senior conservation major Ethan Lovelace- “Conservation is perfect for me and my lifestyle. One thing that I like most about my major is catching turtles and finding new species.”


Sophomore business management major and football player, Anthony Gale- “Football is just another outlet for me to finish school with a degree in business management. I have to have my priorities in order so I can do my best on the field and great in the classroom. Just in case I don’t make it to the next level in football. I will still be successful in life with my degree in business management.”


Senior nursing major Emily Quam has been at SE for 4 years and just recently got into the nursing program. “I was so excited when I got the letter, I jumped around my apartment and cried!” said Quam.


Senior art major Chance Mobbs- “I have painted about 50 paintings and have been in numerous exhibitions. I have been commissioned by Choctaw Casino, and they are hanging in the event center’s green room.”


Senior aviation major Michael Forman- “I just really like to fly. I like to see the world from another perspective than most people do everyday.”