Fall season brings new makeup trends

by Chrissy Dill

Staff writer

There are countless types of makeup, which provide the opportunity to play up your appearance with your personal style of clothing accordingly. As with color palettes in fashion trends changing from season to season, you can also alter your makeup as the weather changes.

Once summer comes to an end, you can change your look with autumn makeup. According to ehow.com’s style site, autumn makeup colors reflect the cooler season and the expectation that winter is around the corner.

Most fall makeup brightens the complexion and uses warm tones to add color to the face.

If you stopped using foundation during the summer, possibly because your skin tends to get oily in hot weather, add it back to your morning makeup regimen, according to ehow.com. Begin using a lightweight foundation and powder again.

Though in the summer you may find your skin taking an oily feel, in the cooler months it may become dry. In this case, find a facial moisturizer or beauty lotion.

Facial lotion can even be found with acne medication in its formula, which is especially useful depending on your skin type.

While in the summer you may have used a light-colored eye shadow, like a lavender or cream hue, switch to darker tones in the fall.

Use chocolate hues on your eyes. Brows and lashes should utilize dark brown colors, so search for a shadow and liner in an espresso color or even a charcoal shade.

Tone down the blush and, according to ehow, steer away from the pink shades used in the summer. Instead, put darker shades on your cheeks or skip the blush altogether and use a bronzer.

When it comes to lip color, find a long-lasting lipstick in a darker autumn shade that will last you all day without fading. Mattes should replace the light glosses used over the summer.

You don’t necessarily need to apply darker-toned makeup in the fall; neutrals are always flattering on any skin tone. Beiges and nudes are stylish.

Apply a dark brown eye liner on your lower lid and the outer-half of your upper lid and add a neutral eye shadow all over the lid for an every-day, pretty look.

If you’re feeling brave, experiment with bold colors.

Lips are usually the best area to try out bolds, such as a classic bombshell red lipstick, but a charcoal eye shadow can be worn for a smoky-eye look that is perfect for an evening out.

With cooler weather comes darker tones in your makeup, pairing your cozy winter outfit with a warm appearance and complexion.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors but keep an every-day neutral look on hand.


Use warm tones to add color to the face and try out the "smoky eye: look for a night out on the town. (Photo from cleaningoutyourcloset.blogspot.com)


Look for a darker-shaded eye shadow for the fall rather than a light shimmer as in the summer. (Photo from www.life123.com)