8 years in the making

By Kendra Germany

Staff writer

Blink-182 has finally put out a new album and kept fans “Up All Night” in anticipation of its release.
It has been eight years since Blink-182 has released an album. With the recent release of their sixth album on Sept. 27, Blink has received mixed reactions.
A lot has happened to the band in eight years. In 2005, the band split up and moved on to different projects.
Then in 2008, drummer Travis Barker survived a plane crash.  After the accident, the band announced the reformation of Blink-182 at the 2009 Grammy Awards.
The new album titled, “Neighborhoods,” is definitely different from the band’s earlier music. It has a more mature and serious sound, unlike most of Blink’s earlier albums.
With that being said, the in-your-face punk rock sound is still heard throughout the record.
“Up All Night,” the first single released off the album, shows the newer sound of Bink-182. It’s different but in a good way. The drums on the track are crazy good, and the lyrics are well-written.
The second verse says, “Everyone’s cross to bear the crown they wear on endless holiday. Everyone raises kids in a world that changes life to a bitter game. Everyone works and fights, stays up all night to celebrate the day. And everyone lives to tell the tale of how we die alone some day.” These lyrics are powerful and sum up the emotion of the song and album in one verse.
Another song worth reviewing would be “Natives.” This is definitely a punk rock song. It has that hard-hitting, angst-driven sound that Blink is known for.
The album is definitely different from the days of “What’s My Age Again?” and “First Date,” but it’s not so drastically different that you can’t recognize that it is Blink-182. It is a very well produced and planned out album.
Most fans are just happy Blink-182 is back together, and will be happy with whatever the band puts out.