In the Loop with Bolt and Student Life

Julianna Blanton

Join us for Studio 201’s student produced talk show, In the Loop, where we talk about all things campus and community related. Nothing is off topic.

Co-hosts Thaddeus Osborne and Malori Underwood will be sitting down with Communications and Event Manager for the Office of Student Life, Haley Hostetler, and SE’s very own Savage Storm mascot, Bolt! In this special episode they will discuss homecoming preparations, Savage Storm football, SE traditions and the importance of school spirit.


Thaddeus Osborne | Co-host

Malori Underwood | Co-host

Haley Hostetler | Guest Bolt | Guest

Rebecca Carroll | Set Design

Addison Martin | Audio/Video

Julianna Blanton | Producer

Emily Dahl | Managing Editor

Tascha Bond | Advisor


*Disclaimer: If you’ve been on campus this week, you know that the Fine Arts Building has been undergoing some roof work. The sounds in the background of the video have been edited to the best of our abilities, but you may still hear some noise.*