Student organizations team up for canned food drive


The Y.E.S. W.E. Can food drive will be held for the benefit of the campus food pantry.

Julianna Blanton, Staff Writer

The Women Empowerment organization and the Young Entrepreneurs of Southeastern Oklahoma State University have teamed up to host the YE.S. W.E. Can Food Drive to collect items for the on-campus food pantry.

Anna Antuono, a senior Special Education major said, “The president of Y.E.S. and I were joking around with different phrases to combine our groups, and we came up with the idea to do a canned food drive, because food insecurity is a very real thing, and this food pantry gives students access to a service that they may not find elsewhere.”

This food drive will last from Sept. 27 to Oct. 1. Donations can be dropped off at the student union’s first floor lounge.

The canned food drive is also going to be a competition between student organizations. Whichever organization raises the most cans will have a customized banner printed by a local company and placed in the student union.

Jakota Ballard, a senior General Business major stated, “I believe this will bring unity to this socially distant campus community and bring students together for the betterment of our campus.”

Antuono hopes this will become an annual event.