Resources and tips for staying safe on campus


By Campus Police

Utilize this map to locate police call boxes on campus.

Allison Murray, Contributor

On Aug. 9, Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s campus police discovered a dead body on campus, leaving students feeling anxious as they approached their first week of classes. Even though the death was declared unsuspicious and there does not seem to be an ongoing threat, students may still be concerned about their safety.

SE offers numerous resources to help those on campus feel safe. There are also a few general rules that can be followed on and off campus.

For starters, avoid traveling alone. When walking across campus, especially at night, walk with someone else or stay on well-lit paths. Avoid areas that are isolated. Stay alert and remain attentive to your surroundings.

In case of emergencies, the university has police call boxes located throughout campus. To use, one must lift the plastic cover and then press the button. Once pressed, campus police will be notified.

Campus police is available 24/7 and can be reached at (580) 745-2727. Their office is located at the corner of Third and University.

If students, faculty or staff see anything suspicious, they should always remember to report it to campus police.

One opportunity the SE community can take advantage of in order to protect themselves is the self-defense class the Student Wellness Center will be offering within the next month or so. The class allows participants to develop valuable self-defense skills to use for protection if needed.

Know your options and follow these tips to stay safe, alert and alive while both on and off campus.