SGA working hard behind the scenes


By Dan Hoke

The Fall 2020 Student Government Association stands six feet apart for their organization’s group photo.

Emily Dahl, Managing Editor

Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Student Government Association strives to serve students to the best of their abilities in every way they can.

Before COVID-19, it was easy to see the ways in which SGA made the campus a better and more engaging place for students. Though events and in-person activities may be limited, SGA is still making strides in the best interest of its student body.

When students think of SGA, events such as the winter ball, SE Speaks and Springfest may come to mind, however much more goes on behind the scenes.

SGA offers funding to organizations for programs and student travel, but since these have not been possible, legislative work has been a top priority.

James Reed, SGA advisor, explained the recent efforts to fix the month delay in student worker pay, as well as get rid of the fees for paying tuition online. “They’re trying to focus on fixing issues like that this semester,” he stated.

According to Madelyn Bradberry, SGA senator and junior English major, there has also been discussion of adding more bike racks and a large recycling dumpster for campus-wide use. 

Additions such as these and the extremely popular hammocks are driven by student suggestions.

“If students have any changes they want to see in the university, we want to take care of those while we have the time,” Reed stated. Students can submit their ideas using the Campus Concern or Compliment form or by sending an email to [email protected] These are then reviewed and addressed during the next meeting.

Meetings are held every Thursday at 5:15 p.m. in room 316 of the Student Union and on Zoom. Non-senators are welcome to participate on Zoom as sitting is limited. The agenda for each SGA meeting can be found at

Reed encourages students who are interested in joining SGA or learning more about what they do for the university to simply attend a meeting. “Coming to a meeting is the best way to get involved,” he stressed, “You can see the inner workings and learn things you never would’ve known.”