What to know when looking for a career


By Gerd Altmann from Pexels

Success is out there and more achievable than it may feel. Don’t be afraid to chase your goals.

Kylie Carrell, Staff Writer

Most college students have the goal of graduating with a certain career path already in mind. However, it can be difficult to meet these expectations in the fast-paced, competitive society of today.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University offers special services when it comes to managing your future career path. Stephanie Davison, Career Management Director, can be found in room 210 of the Administration Building and is available to give advice and help you plan your future.

Starting on the road towards a career can be strenuous, but here are some tips to lighten your load.

Connections are one of the most important tools when it comes to finding opportunities, such as internships and jobs. Your professors, advisors and department heads are all here to help. Connecting with people in your department can open many opportunities for students searching in a specific field.

Think about the tools in your toolbox. When it comes to any kind of internship or job, interview skills, good communication and strong resumes are always necessary. Working on these will help students prepare for their future and can aid in building confidence when chasing career opportunities.

Lastly, it is important to remember that exploring different options is normal. Being set on your goals is good, but there are many different pathways to reaching success. Exploring different options may open up more unrealized avenues to achieving your end goal.

College can be a struggle, especially when it is time to graduate and start out on your own. Utilize the resources provided, build a skill “toolbox” and create connections to help in paving a path to your dream career.

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