Student Life hopes to create enjoyable spring semester


By Emily Dahl

As new ways are created for students to safely participate in on-campus events, calendars may begin to fill up. Remember to plan ahead as event attendance may be limited.

Joshua Fluellen, Staff Writer

As students return this semester the question on everyone’s mind seems to be, “What are the plans for this spring?” Due to the unfortunate spread of COVID-19, Southeastern has had to undergo drastic changes in an effort to keep its campus community safe.

Southeastern has taken serious precautions to help fight back against the growing menace that is COVID-19. We have seen adjustments such as fully online Zoom classes and now even the optional choice of attending class in person.

With these necessary precautions in place, as well as with the cancellation of fall/winter sports, students experienced a shortage of activities and events last semester. However, according to Vice President McCraw, she and the other faculty in Student Life have plans to help make this spring semester a more enjoyable experience.

“We saw what the theatre department was able to accomplish in the amphitheater and hope to add on and find new ways to entertain our students and help make this semester a memorable one,” McCraw stated.

Additionally, with the annual Springfest around the corner, McCraw hopes to find a solution for the event so that it will be compliant with COVID-19 guidelines, but still pleasant and engaging for students. McCraw hopes students will enjoy this semester as Southeastern tries to find new ways to keep things fresh.