Practical gift ideas for college students


By from Pexels

When it comes to gift giving, it truly is the the thought that counts. Don’t stress too much about finding the most perfect, most expensive gift this season.

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer

College students might seem difficult to shop for. After all, they are adults with their own interests, and they may feel awkward asking for gifts. If you have found yourself in need of ideas for your student, it is hard to go wrong with gift cards, cleaning supplies, kitchen gadgets and clothes.

Gift cards are a versatile option. Students can buy practically anything with them, and it is like cash in their pocket. A gas card or certificate to their favorite restaurant will be well-received.

Additionally, cards can be bought for experiences, such as trips to the barber shop or nail salon, as well as arcades and event centers.

A gift basket filled with cleaning supplies might seem a little unusual, but it will be appreciated by students living on their own. Toilet paper probably tops the list for 2020, but a basket with a variety of supplies will come in handy.

Kitchen gadgets are also on the wish list for students. Water filters, coffee makers and air fryers are popular this year, and can be found at a range of prices.

Clothes are a good gift, too. It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Crocs, socks or a warm hoodie. For students who walk longer distances on campus, get them a new pair of sneakers or walking shoes.

Additional gift ideas include video games, jewelry and reusable water bottles. These small items will not take up much space, but make sure to ask the recipient what they would prefer.

Cash is always an option, too. Though it may seem insincere, struggling students will appreciate this more than you realize.

Truthfully, it is hard to go wrong when gift giving. College students will not care much if their gift costs $10 or $100. It is the thought that counts.