Social media tips for college graduates


By Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

What does your online presence say about you? Future employers want to know.

Charity Whitson, Staff Writer

As graduation approaches, it is time to prepare for the job search. In a survey conducted by, 70 percent of all employers use social media to research candidates before hiring or rejecting an application. Here are a few tips to consider when cultivating a positive social media presence.

1. Search Yourself
Begin with a Google search of your name. The internet is large and holds a great amount of information. This will allow you to look at what potential employers could see when researching you during the hiring process.

2. Review and Monitor Your Privacy Settings
Privacy settings are vital during the job search. Take advantage of being able to allow certain people to see and interact with your social media. On Facebook and Instagram, you can customize your settings so you are able to accept or deny being tagged in posts by other people.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage
If used correctly, social media can actually help you land a job. Consider using separate accounts for professional and personal content. Do not be afraid of documenting your life, but always keep it appropriate. Your social media will display your brand, and potentially what kind of employee or coworker you might be.

4. Think Before You Post
No one expects you to agree with everything that is posted on social media, but remember, not everything requires a response. Try to refrain from making negative comments and getting into fights.

5. Be Active on LinkedIn
As you are enter the professional world, you will should know that LinkedIn is your friend. shares how to make sure your LinkedIn profile stands out. Include a professional looking headshot, your photo is the first thing your interviewer will see. Make your profile appealing to the viewer and be sure to highlight your experience.

Social media is all about representing who you are and who you will be as a future employee. Be mindful that social media could be someone’s first impression of you, especially with the expanding virtual component of business during the pandemic.

Do not let your social media be the reason you do not land your dream job.

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