The show goes online for Southeastern bands


By Michael Scheuerman

The Spirit of Southeastern Marching Band braved the heat with masks on and held their annual band camp in early August.

Charity Whitson, Staff Writer

After the announcement of the cancellation of Division II fall and winter sports in mid-August, many students were left to question what the fall semester would look like as far as extracurricular activities go. 

The Spirit of Southeastern Marching Band has certainly felt the effect of cancelled sporting events, but continues to practice for future shows. 

Kelsie Cook, sophomore and trumpet player, practices indoors with her bell cover and “customized” face mask. (By Dan Hoke)

Sophomore Kelsie Cook says practices are regulated and masks are worn when instruments are not being usedCovers are placed on the ends of instruments to collect particles and when practicing indoors, masks with small openings are worn while playing instruments. 

Cook explained that future performances will be recorded and uploaded to different online platforms for supporters to watch from home. Though she was saddened to find out the season had been cancelled, she is looking forward to getting back to normal and showing everyone why they work so hard. 

Students, faculty and staff have been affected in a variety of ways by COVID19, but are certainly adjusting as the semester progresses. While you might not see the SSMB on the field or in the stands this semester, there are many ways to watch performances virtually. Check out their Instagram @SOSUMUSIC and follow Southeastern Bands on Facebook to stay updated.