‘Tackle Domestic Violence’ initiative declared success

By Tiffany Logue, Contributing writer

The snow storm that hit Oklahoma in early February either canceled or delayed most of the activities planned around Southeastern.  However, the Tackle Domestic Violence initiative that coincided with the Superbowl still raised more than expected after being delayed twice.

Associate Professor of Counseling Dr. Kimberly Donovan said the event raised “twice as much as expected and money is still coming in.”

“All of the money received during Superbowl weekend is kept in Durant.  It goes to support staff at the crisis center, 100 percent of the money raised.”

Superbowl weekend has “one of the highest incidences of domestic violence and sexual assault of any during the year,” according to the Crisis Control Center.  This statistic was one of the reasons Superbowl weekend was chosen as the time frame for the fundraiser.

The CCC asked for donations to be accepted at Superbowl parties.  These parties were hosted by individuals, organizations or businesses.  All the CCC asked was that the party attendees take a moment to think of the families that were suffering.

The host of the Superbowl party could come up with his or her own idea of how to make giving donations interesting to the attendees.  Some hosts passed around a hat or jar to let guests put in a silent donation, sold snack items or used entry fees to raise money for a donation.

Even though some businesses could not host parties, they still raised a donation to help the CCC.  Donovan said that those businesses accepted donations by setting up donation jars in their main offices.

Donovan said this year was SE’s first year to participate in Tackle Domestic Violence.  “The board came up with the idea in early December,” she said

Along with the money received from students directly, SE hosted a bake sale held on Feb. 16-17 to send more money to the CCC.

On the brochure for Tackle Domestic Violence, the CCC made sure people remembered “no monetary donation is too small or too large.”

Thanks to the success of the effort, SE will most likely continue to take part in Tackle Domestic Violence  next year.

Donovan said, “The board appreciates and thanks the people who donated, volunteered, helped, hosted a party and graduating counseling students” for everything done to help Tackle Domestic Violence.