SGA comments on guns, recycling, Springfest

By Jerreck McWilliams, Contributing writer


The seven new senators were sworn in on Feb. 10. Left to right: President Matt Heggy (foreground), C. J. Miles, Apryl Mock, Lizzie Bosse, Morgan Pierce, Kasidy Kinkade, Kevin McClure and Lucas Freeman.


Photo by Jerreck McWilliams

“Snow Day Week” threw a wrench in most of the administrative machines on campus, but recovery has been swift and profitable for the Student Government Association.

Four recent developments include a new concealed carry weapons bill being proposed to the Oklahoma State Legislature, SGA’s new recycling program, the confirmation of this year’s Springfest theme and the election of seven new senators to SE Student Senate.

There are at least two proposals (Senate Bill 896 and House Bill 1463) on the floors of both the House and Senate, each concerning the allowance of concealed carry weapons.

As of this writing, both of those proposals have been referred to the State Legislature’s Public Safety Committee.

“It’s an issue that’s never gonna die,” says Senator Matthew Sitton.

Indeed the topic of weapons being allowed on campus is perennial and controversial in the State Legislature as well as within the population of university students themselves.  It was the topic of the most recent Free Speech Wall in the atrium of the Glen D. Johnson Student Union and received many responses both for and against concealed carry weapons on college campuses.

When asked about his opinion on the matter, Student Senate Vice President Paul Cabelus said he was on the line about the actual issue, but liked the responses the Free Speech Wall was receiving.

However, former Student Body President Mike Davis’s response to the idea of allowing concealed carry weapons on college campuses was “I think it might be dangerous.”

On a less controversial and more local level, the SE SGA is instituting a recycling program at Southeastern.

“I’m hoping this recycling program will be a success because our bins will be in a more centralized location on campus, one that isn’t focused toward a specific group of students, but by everyone involved in the university,” said Senator Heather Hartline, co-chair of the Civic Engagement and Publicity Committee.

Currently, the SGA is awaiting the arrival of its new recycling bins, which will be placed in front of the Student Union.

News from the Springfest committee has been released this week as well.  This year’s theme will be “Mudieval Times,” and it is rumored that a competition known as “Mud Jousting” might find its way into the event list, according to Randy Dailey.

Lastly, seven new senators were elected in the special elections held Jan. 31 through Feb. 1.  The senators had to receive at least 40 percent of the votes in order to be elected. Their names and percentage of the student vote received are:

Lizzie Bosse – 40 percent

Lucas Freeman – 42.308 percent

Kasidy Kinkade – 48.462 percent

Kevin McClure – 48.462 percent

CJ Miles – 46.154 percent

Apryl Mock – 43.077 percent

Morgan Pierce – 45.385 percent

When asked what he thought about the newly elected senators, SGA President Matthew Heggy said “they’re all funny-looking,” but he said believes they will do an excellent job serving the university this semester.