Students given coffee and keepsakes

Every student wants to be invited to something, and SE students received a very special invitation on Friday, Oct. 29. Students always get somewhat excited when something free is involved. I know I do.

Southeastern students had the opportunity to have free coffee with President Larry Minks at the SE Bookstore, where students had a chance to meet the president and voice their concerns.

The meeting with Minks was casual and laid back. It also allowed students to converse with other students and leaders of our campus.

Minks and SGA President Matt Heggy showed up to the bookstore wearing the same attire. It was humorous to see two presidents wearing the same clothing. I’m pretty sure it was unplanned because of the reactions on their faces when they saw each other.

Students learned there are plans for the fountain in front of the Morrison Building. The plans are part of the Southeastern beautification project. Minks showed students the renovation plans for the fountain and other areas of Southeastern’s campus.

The plan for the fountain is to remodel and update the plumbing.

I am pleased to see there is something being done to make the campus come together. A working fountain is just what the campus needs. But it will take a lot of dedication from the students, staff and faculty to make this dream come true.

For most of the students, the free cup of coffee was just the ticket. Free stuff is great for students, especially because we know that our tuition dollars are at work in providing social engagements. Most students also received a free mug that had the Southeastern logo and the statement, “I had coffee with the president.” The mug is an excellent keepsake to show off to your friends and family.




Photos By Alisha Loyd