Fundraiser a success

(Above) the Chorale gathers for their final performance of the evening. (Top Left) are some of the items donated for the silent auction. (Top Right) is the table of sweets for the dessert auction. (Bottom left and right) Chorale members perform songs by music legends.

The Southeastern Chorale held a silent auction and dessert auction Oct. 2. The theme of the event was  “Legends.”

The Chorale had over 40 contributors donate items for the event, including antiques, tropical trips, fine wines and homemade quilts.

The members of the Chorale did everything from setting up the tables for dinner, guiding guests to their seats and serving the three-course meal. The Chorale was also the main source of entertainment.

As their guests enjoyed the meal, members performed songs by famous artists. Chorale members chose their own songs, which had to be from well-known artists and could range from classics to duets.

After the dinner and enterainment, the  dessert auction began. Bidding for each item started at $25, and some went for more than $100.

Durning the dessert auction, members of the Chorale handed out the results of the silent auction.

At the end,  the Chorale got together and sang one last number for their guests. All the money from this event went towards the Chorale program.

“The Chorale ended up rasing about $5,000,” said Dr.Stacy Weger, director of the Chorale.

Photos by Alisha Loyd