Parking lots receive fresh paint over Fall Break

by Brandi Bunch
Managing editor
Students returning from Fall Break need to watch where they park. The Campus Police took advantage of last week’s empty campus to repaint some of the horseshoe’s fading lines, leaving some of the formerly acceptable parking areas illegal.
According to Campus Police Chief Jon Clouse, the crosswalks received the most attention, getting a fresh coat of paint.
The parking spaces on either side of the crosswalks were also removed to add a bit more visibility for drivers and increase the safety factor.
According to Clouse, the lot behind the Administration Building along Seventh Street also received some attention. The areas in which no parking is currently allowed had the warnings repainted so that they are more easily visible.
Much of the other work that was done involved giving a fresh coat of paint to areas that were particularly worn.
SE students are encouraged to double check the spaces before parking, just to ensure that no tickets are given as a result of the transition.