Rangers manager dismantling team hopes


Molly Raley staff writer

molly raley

In major league baseball there are times when things happen that we as the fans don’t agree with. Top players leave or are traded and it might be a blow to the system. Teams may have a down year with some unknown players and the next year they are household names. The decision maker in these situation is the general manager, the president of the club or maybe even the owner. It all depends on how much money the club wants to throw around. For the Texas Rangers, this person is Jon Daniels. Daniels became the general manager for the club in 2005 and has held the position since. When the Rangers went to back-to-back World Series, some said that Daniels was a genius. For me, that was not the case. He might have made some good trades to get top players like Cliff Lee and Vladimir Guerrero, but since then the Rangers have lost essential players at the hands of the one and only Daniels. One of these was Chris Davis, who went to the Baltimore Orioles after being shoved down to the triple and double A teams. Davis was traded to the Orioles where he has become one of the top hitters in the league. All because Daniels didn’t see any potential in him. Don’t get me wrong, Davis was given chances to show his worth by Rangers manager Ron Washington. Being sent down to triple A, Davis would show exactly why he deserved to play in the majors. He just couldn’t get his nerves under control. Maybe because he had this man in the front office breathing down his neck constantly. One wrong move and it was over for him. Speaking of it being over, look at the players who were let go this year alone by the “great” Daniels. Ian Kinsler, who now plays for the Detroit Tigers, can easily be considered one of the best second basemen the Texas Rangers have had in a long while. Nelson Cruz, who is now playing outfield for the Baltimore Orioles, had the potential to be the main man this season. But Daniels seemed to have other plans. And let us not forget about Josh Hamilton. I can’t even think about Rangers baseball without thinking about Hamilton. How he went to the All-Star game and the homerun derby in 2008 and almost broke some amazing records. He put on the show of his life. All because one man decided he didn’t want to pay that much for a player who could possibly take the Rangers to the World Series once again. Going to the World Series is an amazing accomplishment for clubs, but why, after going two years in a row, would you want to destroy what took you there? I mean, I understand getting new faces in the club but sometimes the money is worth the reward. There are so many more players that Daniels has had a part of trading. Some are household names, like Michael Young, and some not so much, like Craig Gentry. They all have Daniels to blame. Daniels has made decisions that I am not fond of and I disagree with a lot of things that he has done this far in the 2014 season. With that said, I will once again stand behind the Rangers, not Daniels, and cheer them on. I might be the only one in the ballpark but at least when they do win I will be there because that is what we as baseball fans do.