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Rise of Stardom; Is it Worth it?

Rise of Stardom; Is it Worth it?

Johanna Cornejo, Staff Writer

October 23, 2017

Harvey Weinstein is an award-winning film producer and director and is known for many films, including Shakespeare in Love and August: Osage County. He has worked with actresses like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow at the start of their careers. Most producers want to find the “next big thing”, mak...

Osage Nation water dispute: A matter of tribal sovereignty

Osage Nation Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear. Courtesy of the Osage Nation.

Jerai Billy, Staff Writer

October 16, 2017

The Oklahoman reported “Geoffrey Standing Bear, Chief of the Osage Nation, has been fighting the same battle in different arenas for three decades, carrying on a traditional tribal sovereignty far older than himself.” Standing Bear said, “We will fight, we will always fight to defend our land.” Tribal...

IT’s a Hit

Bill Skarsgård stars as Pennywise in the hit horror 2017 New Line Cinema film, IT.

Rylee Byrd, Contributing Writer

October 11, 2017

Stephen King’s IT made its way to the big screen on Sept 8, 2017 and has made quite an uproar. Some viewers say it was one of the greatest horror movies ever made, even better than the original movie made back in 1990, while some say it was a let down compared to the original. Here is my take on ...

Editorial: Legend or Villain?

Sept. 27, the news that 91-year-old, Hugh Hefner had passed away made headlines.

Kourtney Kaufman, Managing Editor

October 11, 2017

Wednesday, Sept. 27, Hugh Hefner died a symbol of the sexual revolution. But was his life a legacy to be celebrated? The first Playboy magazine, released in 1953, featured nudes of Marilyn Monroe during a time when sex was not a topic to be discussed. In this way, Hefner accomplished a feat. As he noted...

Athletic Platforms Misused

Ex-Army Ranger, Alejandro Villanueva was the only payer from the Steelers that came out of the tunnel for the National Anthem Sept. 24.

Brad Erwin, Staff Writer

October 11, 2017

On Sept. 24, the NFL held a league wide protest taking a knee before or during the National Anthem to signify unity. During the protest, Jacksonville and Carolina were playing in London where the players kneeled for the National Anthem but stood for God Save the Queen Great Britain’s national anthem. I...

Oklahoma faces teacher shortage

Oklahoma has faced a teacher shortage crisis with more and more emergency certifications.

Brad Erwin, Staff Writer

September 19, 2017

Teachers are fleeing Oklahoma for higher paying jobs in surrounding states. Shortage has sparked schools to push for emergency certifications to fill positions. A teacher shortage is happening in the US over discrepancies in wages varying from states, high costs in tuitions to gain the required bachelor...

Trump’s administration announces the end of DACA

Protestors contest the president's decision to end DACA. Courtesy photo of

Jerai Bily, Staff Writer

September 19, 2017

Since the presidential election in November, the future of people under DACA has been in question, because of Donald Trump’s promise of clamping down on illegal immigration. DACA, Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, Is an American immigration policy established by the Obama administration in 2012. DACA,...

Oklahoma budget goes up in smoke

A Supreme Court decision that ruled the passing of a cigarette fee as unconstitutional has created a major budget shortfall for Oklahoma. Courtesy photo of Max Pixel.

Shalene White, Staff Writer

September 10, 2017

In May 2017, Oklahoma State Legislators passed Senate Bill 845. This bill added a “smoking cessation fee” of $1.50 to every pack of cigarettes sold. In the beginning of the legislation, lawmakers were fighting with the idea of adding a cigarette tax of $1.50; newsok reported. However, after some...

Confederate symbols: Treason or heritage?

The Confederate flag has become a divisive symbol for Americans. For some it represents home and for others slavery and oppression. Courtesy photo of Bowling Green Daily News.

Brad Erwin, Staff Writer

September 7, 2017

I have lived in the state of Oklahoma my entire life and I have talked to many diverse groups about their opinions regarding confederate symbols in society. Many people see the confederate symbols as a deliberate association with white supremacists, which is understandable. When we see a hate group,...

Repealing the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act may risk repeal with the Trump administration. Photo courtesy of

Haley Barnett, Staff Writer

January 24, 2017

As President Obama exits the Oval Office and Donald Trump takes office, there is talk of repeal of the Affordable Care Act(ACA) or Obamacare. Oklahoma residents are upset and worried about what might happen if their ability to pay for health care is taken away. According to the Tulsa World, concerned Oklahoma...

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