Southeastern business students earn top awards in state Phi Beta Lambda competition


By Dan Hoke

Dr. Luci Parmer was named the Oklahoma State Adviser of the Year for Phi Beta Lambda.

University Communications, Contributor

DURANT, Okla. – Southeastern Oklahoma State University business students claimed the title of state champions recently at the at the Phi Beta Lambda State Business Leadership Conference.

Phi Beta Lambda is a professional student organization.

In addition to first place team honors, Southeastern’s Dr. Luci Parmer, Associate Professor, Management & Marketing Department, was named the Oklahoma State Adviser of the Year for Phi Beta Lambda.

Also, Southeastern MBA students and Phi Beta Lambda members Dr. Luqman Dabiri,  Jacintha (Olivia) McGhee,  and Jordan (J.T.) Moomau were elected as Oklahoma State Phi Beta Lambda Officers for 2021-2022.

Dabiri,  a physician practicing in Florida,  is an MBA student with a Healthcare Management concentration. He is also the Phi Beta Lambda President.

McGhee is an MBA student with a concentration in Management and is the Phi Beta Lambda Secretary.

Moomau is also an  MBA student with a concentration in Management and serves as an Ambassador for Phi Beta Lambda.

Following is the list of Southeastern students, their category of competition and state ranking. Students with indicated state rankings will be moving on to the national round to compete at the Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference on June 24-27.

Lisa Ariosto

PBL Treasurer

2nd Place: Accounting Principles

1st Place: Business Communications

2nd Place: Project Management

1st Place: Information Management

Yoelin Cabrera-Fernandez

1st Place: Personal Finance

Paris Chanel

PBL Ambassador

3rd Place: Management Concepts

3rd Place: Marketing Concepts

Dr. Luqman Dabiri

PBL President

5th: Organizational Behavior and Leadership

1st Place: Management Concepts

Business Ethics

Jaclyn Garcia

PBL Vice President Western Division

Management Concepts

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

2nd Place: Retail Management

1st Place: Sports Management & Marketing

Rachael Gentges

PBL Ambassador

1st Place: Hospitality Management

3rd Place: Project Management

3rd Place: Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Mari (Kat) Hendrichs

Networking Concepts

Computer Concepts

Ahmed Ibrahim

PBL Vice President International

Project management

3rd Place: Microeconomics

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Kimberly Martin

Accounting for Professionals

1st Place: Administrative Support Technology

1st Place: Desktop Publishing

Project Management

Jacintha “Olivia” McGhee

PBL Secretary

1st Place: Global Analysis and Decision Making

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Jordan (J.T.) Moomau

PBL Ambassador

1st Place: Project Management

2nd Place: Management Concepts

1st Place: Organizational Behavior and Leadership

2nd Place: Information Management

Karlicia Orrick

1st Place: Retail Management

2nd Place: Business Communications

Owetha Wilson

PBL Vice President Southern Division

3rd Place: Computer Concepts

3rd Place: Information Management