Find purpose through community service


By RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Getting involved is easier than you may think, and a few hours of volunteer work can have a huge impact.

Rebecca Carroll, News Editor

There are many local opportunities for individuals interested in donating their time as volunteers. In fact, Durant is home to dozens of nonprofit organizations ready for your help. Your purpose may be found with one of these organizations.

Currently, the Pregnancy Center of Bryan County is seeking new volunteers. It is open Monday through Thursday, and according to their Facebook page, they are particularly seeking someone to volunteer on Wednesdays. Those interested can call (580) 920-2229.

Donations of money, diapers and maternity clothing are also accepted.

Animal lovers may enjoy helping the Durant Animal Rescue Alliance. One way to make an impact is to foster. Pat Brown of the Texoma Paw Patrol, a partner organization of DARA, said this is the most popular way to help. “Most of our volunteers are fosters, because we don’t have a brick-and-mortar building,” Brown explained. Foster pet parents temporarily house and care for animals in the possession of the rescue.

Monetary donations are also accepted. “If anyone ever wants to donate funding, we almost always have a bill at the Bryan County Animal Hospital,” said Brown. “They will almost always take money if you go in and say, ‘This is for the Texoma Paw Patrol bill.’”

For more information, DARA can be reached at (580) 924-5630.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented unique opportunities to lend a hand. The Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps is seeking volunteers to help at COVID-19 vaccination events. OKMRC volunteers are not required to have previous medical experience. Applications are accepted at

Health departments are also in need of volunteers as Points of Dispensing continue to be utilized. A POD is a location used to distribute medical supplies, medicines and vaccines during a public health emergency. To get involved this way, simply call your local health department.

Community service is a fulfilling way to make a difference while also growing your skillset and sense of accomplishment. If you have the time, spend a few hours a week making your community a better place. Find your purpose in giving back.