Can people with different political opinions be friends?


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A difference of opinion does not have to create a divide among people who matter to one another.

Addison Martin, Staff Writer

Everyone holds different opinions on various subjects. When it comes to politics, these may seem strictly black and white. This can make it difficult to retain friendships with differing viewpoints.

Despite this, I believe you can be friends with someone who thinks differently than you do. However, doing so does not mean you should have to hide your beliefs or feel shameful for speaking about them with friends.

Not everyone is going to see eye to eye. No two minds work exactly alike. We form our own opinions based on our ideals and knowledge. Because of this, encountering someone who thinks differently than we do is inevitable.

It is easy to know someone’s political stance and wonder why they believe what they do. This questioning of certain beliefs can make it harder to work around the tension that forms when a debate starts.

With family and friends, it can be even harder to attain common ground. You may feel as if you cannot talk about your beliefs inside your household because it would be hard to avoid a serious argument.

Navigating around different opinions is an obstacle that can be difficult to accomplish, but that does not mean it is impossible. In the end, they are your family and friends. If they mean a lot to you, it could strengthen your relationship with them to garner respect for each other’s opinions.

There are people who say being friends with someone of the opposite party is not smart, but creating a further divide between people would just create more conflict. In hard times such as now, unity is needed more.

I believe that you can establish friendships with people who have different political positions.

A difference of opinion does not have to create a wall between two people – it only does if you allow it to. Violence towards one another is never the answer, but showing respect is.

If you find yourself disagreeing with a friend, stop to access the situation, be thoughtful with your words and try to remain open to their opinion. (By vectorpch.vector –

When talking to your friend, listen to what they have to say and think about your words carefully before responding. Try not to come off too harshly, and if either of you do, be sure to step up and apologize first. Try to be open with hearing different opinions even if you do not agree with them.

It is essential that we adapt to handling political debates with respect and kindness. Putting up a wall to ward off people who disagree with you will not solve anything. In the end we are all still humans. Tearing down that wall and helping people understand this could be just the example to set for the unity we need during this time.