Find the motivation to be nice to yourself


By Marta Kulesza from Pixabay

We are almost to the finish line for the semester, do not give up hope now.

Kylie Carrell, Staff Writer

It is that time of the semester where the finish line is so near, but unexpected obstacles just keep interfering. Let’s face it, times are tough and everyone is struggling in some way. You just need to keep going.

Find the motivation you need to keep going. Everyone’s means for motivation will be different. It may be sitting down and watching an hour of your favorite Netflix show or it may be listening on repeat to the wicked playlist that keeps your spirits high. Do what makes you happy, and then take care of your responsibilities.

Even though classes now all online and things are rough, do whatever you need to do to avoid the mid-April quarantine blues that kept you down. Keep in contact with your friends by utilizing FaceTime, Skype, or even Zoom. Social interaction, even virtually, will help keep your mood up.

Allow time for yourself. Self-care is important. Make a DIY face mask, eat your favorite candy and finally use the adult coloring book that has been sitting in your desk drawer for months. Do whatever makes you happy, you deserve it.

Even though classes are online, campus offices are still open. Use these resources to your advantage. Student Support Services is open and they are ready to help with whatever you need. Do not feel like your needs or feelings are not serious enough to get help.

Sometimes talking things out can help you to understand your feelings and ultimately help you feel better. Student Support Services can be found in the Student Union room 205 or can be reached at 580-745-2254.

Whatever you do to finish out the semester, take your mental health seriously. Good grades are important, but you should always come first. Whether you expect to make an A or a D, just keep going. Be nice to yourself, you can do it.

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