Prepping for online finals


By from Pexels

Study as much as you can before your final exam, and be sure to find a clean and comfortable space in which to take it.

Joshua Fluellen, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of this semester, we have known that classes would not be continuing face to face after Nov. 20. This means for the second time this year, finals will be online.

For some students, this may not be a problem, however, freshmen who may not be that familiar with this format may find themselves becoming stressed or anxious. In order to decrease these feelings, it is important to have a proper plan in place for finals week.

Time management is key to a stress free finals week. It is important to properly plan out your schedule and write down what time you take each final. An organized planner can help put your mind at ease during such a stressful week.

For some, certain finals may only be taken during a set period of time, so it is important to make sure your computer is ready to use. Check to see if the correct software is available and downloaded, and that your device is properly booted up with zero issues. The last thing a stressed student needs is a computer that quits mid-exam.

Though it should go without saying, studying and the way in which you study will hugely impact your final grades. Many professors give out study guides a week or two before the final. Take advantage of this and study the material regularly. Try not to cram the night before.

Heaven Williams, sophomore theater major, recommends finding a clean and comfortable place to take your finals. She stated, “I actually enjoyed taking finals online and I’m looking forward to it again rather than being stressed in the classroom.” For some, a familiar work environment may be the best choice.

Finally, relax and take deep breaths. This is a difficult time for many of us. Students just need to remember that they will make it through, and that setbacks often turn into pushes forward.

Good luck to everyone on their exams this December.