Winning by giving

Organizations compete to promote campus food bank


By Mitchell Emberson

Student organizations will be competing in Bolt’s Food Pantry Fill Up to win a $100 voucher for their next campus event.

Karley Freeman, Staff Writer

Monday, Sept. 21 marks the beginning of a new food drive competition between student organizations. Bolt’s Food Pantry Fill Up is a new, fun way to increase the supply of items available in the campus food bank.

The food drive will take place from Sept. 21 – 25 in the Student Union’s first floor lounge. There will be boxes marked with every organization’s name for members to place nonperishable goods in. Organizations will compete to donate the most goods by the end of the week. Donations may be made during regular SU hours.

Carli Wharton, Alumni Legacy Leaders President and junior elementary education major, stated, “I came up with the idea when our council was brainstorming about ways to still be engaged and make an impact on campus, even through the pandemic.” Wharton contacted the Director of Student Life, Mitchell Emberson, to collaborate on the idea and put an event together.

To encourage participation and healthy competition, the winning organization will receive $100 towards their next campus event.

If you are not a part of an organization, you can still participate by choosing which organization you want to win, and placing your items in their box. Either way, one less student goes hungry.

Wharton added, “This competition was just a way for organizations to have a little fun amongst each other while still following all of the COVID-19 guidelines.”

Contact Carli Wharton and Mitchell Emberson for more information at [email protected] and [email protected]