Steven Stone, magician, performs for SE’s Welcome Week


Anna Kelly

Steven Stone, comedian and magician, performed in the Montgomery Auditorium on August 21 to wind down the 2019 Welcome Week festivities.

Anna Kelly, Staff Writer

Southeastern Oklahoma State University welcomed students back to school with a week full of fun! From Aug. 18-22, Southeastern students had the chance to participate in free massages, ice cream, henna tattoos, Just Dance! competitions, a campus block party, the annual Merchant Fair and lastly, a magic show!

On Wednesday, August 21, Magician Steven Stone performed in Southeastern’s Montgomery Auditorium. His act included classic card tricks, ring linking, and predictions. Stone also performed a series of tricks in homage to other famous magicians’ styles; Stone filled the crowd with suspense with his dangerous stunts.

Much like Houdini, Stone had his arms chained together and locked. With no problem at all, Stone managed to escape his trappings without a key. Similar to dare-devil Criss Angel, Stone also evaded spearing his hand through premonition alone! For this spike trick, he had a student place a metal spike into one of five brown paper sacks. He then had the student mix the bags up without him looking.

One by one, as the audience was gasping in panic, Steven Stone slammed his hand onto the paper sacks until only the one sack containing the spike was left! Students were in awe as Steven was always one step ahead of their eyes.

One of the crowd’s favorite tricks of the night was one that Stone plotted throughout the entire performance. At the beginning of his show, he asked one student with $100 to mark his bill with a sharpie. Stone then sealed the bill inside an envelope and had a different student hold onto it for ‘safekeeping’.

As the show was winding down, Stone said he had forgotten about the trick and, “wouldn’t have time to complete it.” He asked the student with the sealed envelope to open the envelope so he could return the $100 to its owner before dismissing the crowd. To the audience’s surprise, the envelope was empty except for an ‘I owe you’ note written inside. Don’t worry!

Steven Stone completed the trick and returned the marked $100 bill after the owner found it inside an egg that had been in a box the entire show!

Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s 2019 action-packed welcome week has shown students just a few of the awesome things SE has to offer for the 2019 school year.