Avoid, “trying different things or smoking funny things”

How to have a safe summer


Pixabay: crgutman

Kelsey Janway, Staff Writer

In preparation for summer break, students all around are counting down the days and booking flights. Right now, students only have two things on their mind; summer and sex.

To prevent any harm, unwanted actions or a combination of the two, here is a how to guide on how to safely enjoy your summer vacation.

  • You are not invincible. Drop the mindset that bad things or consequences will never happen to you. Always be prepared and never think you are immune to accidents. And if you commit a bad act, be prepared to pay the consequences.
  • Date rape drugs are very real and thousands of individuals fall victim each year. According to Alcohol.org, “In 2016, there were over 320,000 incidents of rape and sexual assault, and these incidents are often underreported for both women and men.” The suave guy or girl at the bar will learn to take no for a final answer. Cover your drink and know your limits.
  • Be sure to develop a plan before you and the squad go out. Having a plan beforehand gives less leeway for confusion later in the night. Predators will be looking for confused, easy targets and a drunk or drugged you could be in danger. The D.D. should be aware of the plan and keeping it in check all night long…choose them wisely. Determine who the designated driver is going to be, when everyone wants to leave and where to meet up if anyone gets separated before you ever get to the event.

Despite what Mean Girls told the world, sex will not always get you pregnant, nor will it kill you. If you are having sex, remember these few things:

  • BYOC (bring your own condom!) Do not depend on the other person to have one. This avoids having take a break to find one or deciding to not use one.
  • Remember, you can change your mind at any time. You should not feel forced to make compromises or negotiate in a sexual situation. If your partner is urging you to do things you are not comfortable with, do not go ahead with the situation.
  • Just be honest and open with your partner. Clear communication and everyone’s health are crucial if you want to make the fun last. In the heat of the moment, nobody wants to divulge that they have an STD or STI, but it is important to disclose that information to your partner BEFORE anything else happens. Telling your partner does not mean things have to come to a halt. Just knowing how to be properly cautious in those situation can still be plenty of fun.

In the midst of all your fun summer planning, be sure to plan on safety. The choices you make today have an effect on the person you will be later. Do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, check in with your family and know your limits.