Is there somewhere for non-traditional students to go and not feel out of place?

Sam, Contributing Writer

The average age of a student at Southeastern is 27 years old, so if you aren’t in the 18-21 range and you’re feeling looked over, statistically, you aren’t alone. #ShareTheSpace. The Student Union, the library and classrooms, are just as much for non-traditional students as they are traditional students.

In an effort to close the gap that is traditional student space vs. non-traditional student space, students should request activities that appeal to both all ages, such as cookouts on the lawn or a horseshoe tournament. Rally up your buddies, whether they’re 18 or 33, and make campus what you want it to be. SOSU is whatever we, the students, make it and we can make it less age targeted and more social targeted, if we want to.

Talk to the Student Life staff to work on more non-traditional events.  

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