Annual Halloween jazz concert


By Dan Hoke

The Jazz Band led by Dr. Tristan Eggener perform for the SE Jazz Fest at Durant High School at Jazz Fest 2017 From left to right:Joe Jackson , John Jackson, John Vietta, David Johnson, Calli Schoggins, Andrew Gregg, Michael Waters, Evan Wolfe, Jamie Guiermo, Dakota Cole, Lucy Harbin, Isiah Posey, Jacob Alexander, AJ Birdsong, Tristan Eggener.

Derek Dophied, Staff Writer

Southeastern Oklahoma State University is ready to start Halloween by kicking off their annual Halloween Jazz concert at 7:30 pm in the Montgomery Auditorium on Halloween night.

The event will feature a costume contest, free candy and only last about an hour to an hour and a half, giving students and faculty members the chance to experience the technical and often eerie play of this semester’s jazz team while still being able to participate in their usual Halloween festivities after the concert.

Dr. Eggener, the associate professor of theory, jazz and tuba and the instructor of the jazz and tuba band insists that students and faculty won’t want to miss this memorable concert. The concert will play out as a show that depicts one’s downward spiral into madness through the use of music and stage antics performed by Dr. Eggener and others.

Dr. Eggener described himself as more of the, “cheerleader,” for his band and gives them the creative freedom to perform at their highest level.

Dr. Eggener explained, “The concert is designed with the knowledge that many people who come to watch it won’t know a lot about jazz music, so I’ve made sure to incorporate an elaborate act to play in conjunction with the concert, so that everyone can be entertained.”

Will Stacey, the light technician of SE, will be working the lights at the concert in order to add to the eerie nature of the concert and promises a lot of variety throughout the show. Dr. Eggener laid the groundwork for a true Halloween experience for all that attend and ensures that everyone will be able to leave at a decent time to attend their festive plans.

The costume concert is optional, but Dr. Eggener encourages all in attendance to get into the experience and dress up. Winners will receive specialty Halloween treats.