Wait…there’s no Fall Break!


By Megan McFarland

No Fall Break this year; instead SGA and the school board voted on a longer Thanksgiving Holiday break.

Jerai Billy, Staff Writer

Southeastern will not be having a Fall Break this year. However, show no fear. Thanks to assessment testing on October 19, those students not selected for testing may be in for a three-day weekend as classes prior to 1 p.m. on Friday are canceled across campus.

Liz McCraw, Vice President of Student Affairs, approached Student Government Association (SGA) with the idea of not having a fall break last year. She proposed this change after several faculty and staff meetings discussed the pros and cons of the change. They agreed the having a longer Thanksgiving break could allow for students and staff to have more time for holiday travels.

The Student Government Association represents the student body as whole when communicating with the Southeastern administrators and staff. Last year, they voted to remove Fall Break.

Having two random days for Fall Break doesn’t seem all that when you are trading it for a weeklong Thanksgiving break with no classes and more free time to be with family, plan a trip with friends or just get a few extra hours in at work. There is also discussion as to whether or not this week-long break will be a dead week for course assignments. Stay tuned for more information regarding Thanksgiving Break.