Where does dating fall into things?

Sam, Contributing Writer

I’d like to know, with everybody in college trying to balance personal life, classwork, and social life, where does dating fall into thins? I just don’t have the time to think about it even though I’d like to, but I feel like I probably should be at this point.

This is an advice column, and I’m not a love doctor. The love doctor writes for another publisher! What I can say, is that my advice to you would be to stop comparing where you are at in your dating career to where other people are in there’s.

The people you’re seeing killing it in the dating world, vary. In order to be successful there, they may be depriving things like work and school which causes them to be less successful in those areas. People killing it in those areas are, you guessed it, depriving areas in there life such as relationships.

It all shakes out in the end. Do more of what makes you happy and let the pieces just fall into place.

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