Southeastern’s Hawaiian escape


By Megan McFarland

Students line up at the Snowbyrds snowcone truck on day one of Springfest.

Jerai Billy, Staff Writer

Springfest 2018 was Hawaiian Themed and it ran from April 16 to April 20. Springfest is a weeklong event hosted by the Student Government Association.
To kick off the week, the sweepstakes teams participated in a chalk art competition. First place was the Son-of-Pitch, second was the Cyclones and in third place was the Native American Student Association.

Megan McFarland
Several inflatable activities were available, including a hamster ball race track.

Springfest activities continued into Monday night at a block party with inflatables, snowcones from Snowbyrd’s Shved Ice and music from SE’s U92.
Tuesday, the sweepstakes teams participated in a skit contest. First place was the Native American Student Association, second place was Amusement Park and in third place was SCEA.
The traditional mud volleyball game was played on Wednesday evening, won by the Good Ole Ballers sweepstakes team.

Thursday’s featured game was a slip-n’-slide kickball tournament, followed by a Sam Fields Band concert hosted on the U.

The last Springfest event was the Luau, where all the Springfest awards were distributed and the 2018 homecoming theme, “Out of this World,” was announced.

Megan McFarland
Nine-square had everyone switching in and out of rounds.