Miss Southeast Oklahoma Pageant

Johanna Cornejo, Staff Writer

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The Miss Southeast Oklahoma Pageant is coming soon. Whether they would like to compete as a Teen or a Miss, The Miss Southeast Pageant is a chance for students to come out of their comfort zone.

Director, Tascha Bond experienced pageants first-hand. She said: “I was involved whenever I was in college and I took a lot away from that.” She continued: “I paid for my undergraduate with scholarships that I have won, and I met a lot of people.”

Scholarships and awards are just some of the things that the Miss Southeast Pageant does. Contestants develop new skills that are not just for competing but for everyday skills.

Former contestant and student activity coordinator at Southeastern Oklahoma State, Madelyn Schneider enjoyed the experience she had as a competitor.

Schneider shared her feelings; “I was weary at first because I didn’t know if it was for me, but Tashcha convinced me that I should.”

“It got me out of my comfort zone. I never thought that I would walk on stage with a bikini or a big fancy dress, so it was a new experience,” she said.

Registration forms are due to Bond on October 1 and workshops will be available on campus to help prepare for the pageant. Students of Southeastern are eligible. The Pageant is from October 14 to the 15.

Ages will range from 17-24 for the Miss and for Teens 13-17. If you are a student from Texas however, you must wait six months of eligibility before you can compete.

For questions about eligibility and registration, contact Tascha Bond by phone at (580)-775-2928 or at [email protected] More information is located on Facebook on the Miss Southeast Oklahoma Pageant page.