Three professors organize a spring break trip to Italy


Southeastern students and faculty will be taking a trip to Italy during spring break 2018.

Shalene White, Staff Writer

For anybody who has ever wanted to learn while traveling the world, three Southeastern faculty and staff members have made it possible. Drs. Margaret Cotter-Lynch and Blythe Duell, along with Morgan Pierce have co-organized a trip overseas to Italy. ‘Studying abroad’ has been defined by Perdue University as “any number of arrangements by which students can complete part of their degree program through educational activities outside the United States.” Cotter-Lynch, an English professor and Honor Programs Director, said she is hoping to achieve this for the students.

“Traveling abroad provides an unparalleled opportunity to see the world around you from a new perspective and provides insight into not only the country of travel, but also home. We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to the Southeastern community,” Cotter-Lynch said.

Cotter-Lynch said it has yet to be determined if the associated course will run out of the Honors Program, the English, Humanities and Languages department, or cross-listed for both.

The trip is open to all undergraduate students, alumni, faculty, staff and spouses. There are some cases where other family members can tag along, Cotter-Lynch said. “We have a couple of students bringing their moms.” Even though the EHL department and Honors Program co-sponsored a trip to the British Isles in 2016, this is the program’s first trip to Italy.

The 10-day trip is jam packed with visits to Florence, Siena, Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri. Due to the short and limited time of the trip, the itinerary will be super-fast. “This will not be the leisurely tour of Italy,” Cotter-Lynch said. “It is designed to maximize the amount we can see and learn within the time-period of spring break.”

Cotter-Lynch suggested to all who plan on traveling to bring plenty of energy.

Even though the trip is available to staff, faculty and family, credit course for the trip is available for the undergrads. Cotter-Lynch reiterated the importance of speaking with one of the organizers if any travelers plan to bring any family members.

For those wanting to travel to Italy that might not be able to raise the entire amount, the booking company of the trip, EF Tours, offers scholarships to travelers who have already committed to taking the trip. These scholarships may assist with the fee, but will not cover it completely.

Students enrolled in the course associated with the trip might be able to cover the cost of the trip through financial aid. It will depend upon the situation of the individual traveler. Anybody interested should schedule an appointment with the financial aid office.

Cotter-Lynch said there are also outside scholarship opportunities. “This is definitely worth looking into; please come talk to me if you want ideas of where to look.”

The price may have increased $50 to $3625, but there is a $200 discount available for participants who sign up before the end of September, Cotter-Lynch said.

To register for the trip or to research scholarship opportunities, visit The itinerary for the 10-day excursion is also available on the site.

For additional information, contact any of the sponsoring faculty members at [email protected] or [email protected]