Patriots take the win in “Greatest comeback in Superbowl history”

Colton Tollett, Staff Writer

This Super Bowl Sunday featured an unforgettable game for football fans. The Patriots made history in what NFL announcer Joe Buck has described as the “greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.”

The Super Bowl started at 5:30 p.m. Popular Country artist Luke Bryan sang the National Anthem. This was followed by a special appearance of former president George H.W. Bush who was accompanied by his wife Barbara Bush. Bush provided the coin toss.

The half time show was performed by Pop artist Lady Gaga. Gaga performed many of her hit songs.

Patriot fans were losing hope as the Falcons held a strong lead of 28-3 by the end of the second quarter. The Atlanta Falcons maintained this lead throughout the majority of the game. However, in a twist that shocked football fans, the Patriots managed to tie the game at 28-28 by the 4th quarter. This tie occurred with only 45 seconds remaining in the game.

This would become the first time in Super Bowl history that a game would go into overtime.

The Patriots received the ball after winning the overtime coin toss. Ultimately, they won the game. A victory that would quickly be noted as one of the greatest and most unlikely in the history of the NFL.

This win would also prove to be a historical moment for Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Patriots. He managed to lead the team to victory while also securing his place as the only NFL quarterback with five Super Bowl wins.

Super Bowl LI will go down in history as one of the most unexpected and inspiring games seen in the NFL.