Intramural basketball begins January 24

Colton Tollett, Staff Writer

   This spring, Southeastern is welcoming students to participate in the intramural basketball season.

Intramural sports are a great opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to have fun playing competitive sports. They promote exercise and fun in a friendly setting. Debra Fulenchek, coordinator of intramural sports, explained that all are encouraged to participate. “Individuals do not have to be highly skilled to play.”

The basketball games will take place in the Student Union Gym. Students who wish to play can sign up at the Wellness Center website. They are also able sign up by responding to the email that was sent out by the Wellness Center office.

Games began Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 5:30 p.m. The games will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and will continue through February 23. A tournament will begin on February 27 and end on March 3. Dates and times for the tournament will be available soon.

Other intramural sports including flag football, volleyball and slow-pitch softball will be available.

For those that enjoy watching the games, Fulenchek explained that, “everyone is welcome to come and watch.”

The Wellness Center provides a number of events such as intramural sports that encourage friendly competition and healthy choices for students and faculty. For more information please contact Student Wellness Services at 580-745-2988. They are located in the Glen D. Johnson Student Union, suite 229.