Students compete for cash prizes in the Dash for Dollars Game Show


Yingjie Zhu

The Dash for Dollars Game Show was hosted by Student Life on Nov. 30 and features a variety of games where students competed for cash prizes.

Yingjie Zhu, Staff Writer

Dash for Dollars Game Show is the game show of “Fast Cash & Easy Money”. Students had the chance to win 500 dollars cash.

On November 30, the Dash for Dollar Game Show was held at Southeastern in the student union. Many students attended and joined in the games provided by the Office of Students Life.

There were three rounds for this show. For the first game, the host had contestants drink water with baby bottles. And once they finished, they had to say “googoo-gaga”. The last person to finish was eliminated

In the second round, the remaining people had to roll out all of the toilet paper on a roll as fast as they could. The slowest person was eliminated.

In the final game, only two people remained, they needed pile items up and not let them fall down. The winner of the first round received 20 dollars.

All winners received 20 dollars as an award, and other participants got a “Dash for Dollars” t-shirt.